After Schools Football Coaching In Bolton

Welcome to After Schools Football Coaching

Boys and Girls After Schools Football Coaching in Bolton and the North West of England

Welcome to FootiZone one of the North Wests leading after schools football coaching and development organisations for children between the ages of 5-16. Primarily football-based we use the skills and knowledge gained through over 30 years experience and involvement within professional sport to promote a diverse programme to incorporate a variety of topics.
Through different sporting activities we can tailor any session to incorporate specific needs for both the indvidual and the school, via consultation with the relevant personnel.These after schools football coaching sessions focus on key areas such as speed, agility, balance, co-ordination,movement and fitness.We also aim to use sport as a tool to educate pupils on other important issues such as healthy eating/lifestyle and nutrition, incorporating the ‘5 a day’ philosophy.Afterschool clubs are another area in which we help build relationships with the schools again offering several flexible opportunities for pupils to participate in sporting activities. Whether it is one day a week for a limited number of weeks to becoming a permanent weekly activity throughout  

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